SMART Transit accepts Idaho Medicaid for eligible rides. To schedule a covered Medicaid ride, you must call the AMR Customer Service Center for medical rides, or obtain a Prior Authorization for non-medical ridesthrough the Aged & Disabled (A&D) or Developmental Disabilities (DD) waiver services. 

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Medicaid eligible persons may receive Medicaid provided transportation on SMART Transit’s Dial-a-Ride service.

To schedule a covered Medicaid medical transportation trip, you must call the AMR Customer Service Center. The AMR Customer Service Representative will ask you several questions so they can ensure the most appropriate mode of transportation will be provided. You should have the following information ready when you call to schedule a ride:

  • Medicaid ID Number
  • Your appointment date and time
  • Home address and zip code to pick you up
  • The name, address and zip code of the health care provider you are visiting

  AMR Customer Service Center (toll-free)
  (877) 503-1261

  TTY: (877) 503-1257

You must call AMR at least two business days before your appointment to schedule your transportation. Trips may be scheduled up to 30 days in advance. Note: For urgent situations, AMR can arrange transportation with less notice.

Please request Smart Transit for your Medicaid transportation provider!

For more information, visit the Idaho Medicaid Non-Emergency Medical Transportation website at

Non-Emergency Non-Medical TransportationSome non-medical rides may be eligible for Medicaid provided transportation. AMR does not arrange non-medical transportation services available through the Aged & Disabled (A&D) or Developmental Disabilities (DD) waiver services. To schedule an eligible non-medical ride, call the numbers below to arrange for non-medical transportation benefits available through these waivers.

  Non-Medical Transportation Contact Information:  Idaho Region II Health and Welfare Office in LewistonFor A&D Waiver, call (208) 799-4430  For DD Waiver, call (208) 799-3460

Once you obtain a Prior Authorization, call the SMART Transit office to schedule the ride.